Abundant Life

Sharla Langston is an author, giving coach, and nonprofit leader. She said “I do" for the first time at 50, and in her book The Crowd-Sourced Marriage, she shares how Team Sharla helped her find the perfect-for-her partner. A passion for generosity drives Sharla’s work. She enjoys helping people find ways to invest their time, … Continue reading Abundant Life


Living in Gratitude

The most difficult thing I’ve had to overcome was probably going through a divorce. I grew up wanting a big family and wanting to be married. In my early 30s, I thought I found the right person - we had a lot in common and had fun together. I figured I knew him; however, he … Continue reading Living in Gratitude


I have an inability to dream small goals. They are all gigantic. When I envision the future, I envision having a voice and bring God glory through writing and music. I want the thing made for Him to be of a better quality than the things made for the world. Excellence for Him. I grew … Continue reading Seeking