How It Works

Standard Interview Process

1 -2 days before the call:

  • We will email you the questions to give you an idea what will be asked. Don’t over think it, we want this to be natural.
  • Please email us a picture of you or a picture that’s meaningful to you.

Day of the interview:

  • Based on our experience, phone calls work the best. We feel it allows you to be open with having to worry about the interviewer’s reactions or distracted by the interviewer taking notes.

5 – 7 days after the interview:

  • We will write up your interview and weave it into a narrative (not just a Q&A, for examples please see some of our previous posts). Each interview is approximately 400-600 words. Due to the word limit, in most cases, the narrative will be focused on a story in your life.
  • Someone who didn’t write the story will review and edit.
  • We will send you a draft for your review and edit.
  • We will publish the blog post and email you a link to review.


  • We are happy to make edits. This is your story and we want it to be in your own voice.

Note: We tell the real story. If the story is fake, we will remove it. We do have a Fiction section of the blog if you would like to share a short story that fits our narrative guidelines.

Let us know who you think we should interview next. Every Story Matters!


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