Heart After God

10942334_1525364447746386_2277499332380376429_nMy friend’s brother Greg is one of less than 200 people in the world living without a heart. Since late 2013, he has been supported by an artificial heart (SynCardia TAH) that circulates his blood and keeps his body functioning. Sadly, after almost 3 years on TAH his health is failing. Below is what my friend wrote about her brother, it is beautiful and an inspiration. 

A year ago, Greg was asking for prayer as he laid a fleece before the Lord. he gathered up the names of God in his hands, and laid his heart bare before the throne, beseeching the Lord for strength and endurance. he has been granted a full year of immeasurable grace. Now we ask for prayer again: for our family and friends, yes, as we wait for his earthly end and as we mourn losing him. but our faith is secure, and we know this is but a “see you soon.”

Greg would rather we pray for the doctors, nurses, staff, who worked with and interacted with him over these long years. that their hearts might be comforted with the truth of the presence of God. as they have come in a steady stream to his ICU room to say their goodbyes, they all have said that he is an inspiration. Greg would only want to be an inspiration that points to the Father, that others would come to the same peace that he has in these last hours.

Greg would want us to pray for the other patients in a similar place, who have, or will have, the TAH or any future device, who might face similar complications. Time and again we have learned that Greg is the first one or in the first few patients in the country or the world, facing the same set of complications that he has endured. He would want us to pray for those patients, their families, their teams–that his experiences would change theirs for the better, that we could use the knowledge gained over these years and help so many more lives. We know from interactions on Hewhohasnofb that his story has already impacted cases across the country and around the world–we hope and pray that it continues to do so.

Greg would ask us to pray for those who are undecided when it comes to organ donation, blood donation, platelet donation, bone marrow donation. If you are on the fence, he would want you to sign up. If your loved one needs encouragement to get on the list, he’d ask you to share his story as an example of why we need to donate. If you’re faced the the choice of donating your loved one’s organs, he’d ask you to do it, and to realize that you are touching and saving so many lives in the process.

Most of all, Greg would want us to pray that the work and word of the Lord would spread and prosper. That his life would not be a blip on our radar, but that we would use his story as an example of the providence and provision of God. God didn’t have to give him this last year or 3 or 6 — but He did. He has chosen time and again to work wonders and miracles in Greg’s life, all to His glory. We might not understand it all now, or even ever, this side of His glory. But we trust that this IS all for His glory.

Thank you for your continued support. we are so immeasurably grateful for you. if you aren’t sure what to say or do, please know, neither are we. but join us in what we can do–lift our brother to the throne of grace, and let him go home. Then tell people his story, to the glory of God.


This is a repost of what had been shared on https://www.facebook.com/teamSandersheart




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